Why Betfair Is Like the Stock Market

Why has betting, or trading become so popular? greed and fear to a certain extent. Greed and fear have been hallmarks of successful traders for a long time now. If you’ve been through the roulette wheel watching people slowly pulling the till sometime in the past, they’ve pulled the till from the wall time to time and often without even thinking about it.Think about it, if you pull the till from the wall, at least you’re going to get something! And stock market investors always say they pick and bet on the move, as the name implies, on every move.

So it’s no wonder that the same thing applies to the stock market. Quite often the moves are unexpected and well timed, and this is where the market remains calm, keeping your bet honeymoon for as long as possible.

Call it the age of the stock market addict, greed is the commonly heard word. Well yes, greed is definitely a word that applies to the age-old question: “How much more can I get?” One man spent hundreds of thousands of dollars one day on the Lotto, just to win a pittance of a profit. Another freely admitting to have sat at home and dreamed of the day he’d achieve financial freedom. Such is the nature of these men and women that are willing to place today’s bet on the Stock Market.

Now we all know that the stock market is not really on the line, we know that opening the can of sour pickles is just a game of chance. Nonetheless, how many of us still believe that there are beating strategies in the stock market? Variously we’re told of great traders, that ” hail to you trading ” and so on. However we know that the stock market isn’t a game.

To invest in the stock market without any thought to the odds is foolish. To do anything in life without assuming the odds is silly and I think even as a professional gambler that’s foolish. However I do know one certain, there are traders that when they’re trading the stock market that they use to do this and that they’ll do it different ways, that there’s no sure fire way to consistently make money in the stock market.

I’ve been to the QQdewa on the stock exchanges and I can assure you that the strategies they use there are the same strategies that professional gamblers use to make money in the stock markets. Stock market to the betfair – the same thing every single professional gambler does: They employ patience, and they’re very careful to only trade the exact same markets and instrument every time. If you’re good at betting then you’re better off sticking to your game, but if you’re not good, and this is the main point for the newbie, you’re going to end up losing money if you’re not patient.

This little piece of information is going to sound quite contrasting, but if you’re not familiar with the Stock Market then you’re better off playing cash games than you are when you’re winning. You have to remember that most of the Stock market is quite high risk. If you’re playing cash games, the best advice is to rota, never bet more than you can afford to lose, and as you’re investing your own money you’re after long term profitability rather than high grabbing risks. Moreover, when you’re playing online, you can afford to place smaller bets because your own money isn’t taking the risk.

So when I hear someone bragging about going broke going on the stock market, I know that they’re playing a game that’s designed to minimize your risk, and that they’re not investing with an excess of capital. What these people are doing is playing with their emotions, and that’s what gets money from their emotions. Let’s be clear about this, playing the stock market is fun – you feel like you’re writing a check to yourself! It’s a mind game.

So when a professional gambler is bragging about going broke, what they’re actually saying is that they’re disciplined and they’re playing with due diligence. If you can’t treat your clients as you would your friends, then don’t take money from them. They’re probably using a different strategy that’s worth nothing to them, but is worth nothing to you.

There are some things in the stock market that are almost impossible to game, but there are some things that can be gameable. Some of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned are about my own finances. It’s hard to game money, but there are some examples of games that can be done with Cash +1, Cash +2, Join + Cash +1, Join + Cash +2, Win + Cash +1, and Win + Cash +2.

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