Volleyball-An Insight


The origin of volleyball dates back to February 9, 1895 in USA. It is a sport that needs a team of six players. Two teams of six players each play from both the sides of a net.

It is not easy to study the all the rules of the sport since they are extensive but it must proceed as under-

  • The process continues and is called ‘rally’. Each of the team is allowed to touch the ball for up to three times only until-
  • The receiving team then hits back the ball in such a way that the serving team cannot prevent it from touching the ground on their side of the net.


  • The receiving team can touch the ball for up to three times. But no player can touch the ball twice in a consecution.
  • The team at the receiving end must make sure that the ball does not touch the ground on their side of the court.
  • One of the players in one of the teams serves the ball from behind the boundary line on his side of the court. He can use his hand or arm for the purpose.
  • One of the team aims a kill which is possible by grounding the ball on the opponent’s side of the court and thus, they win the rally.
  • If either of the team commits any of the mistakes and thus loses the rally.

In the process, the team that wins a rally is given a point and is responsible for serving the ball in the next rally.

Some common faults:

Some of the most common blunders in the sport are the ball touching the ground before passing it over the net itself. Another one is touching the ball twice consecutively by the same player which is not allowed. A team cannot touch the net during the play. It is called a net foul. If the player steps over the boundary line at the time of serving the ball, it is another form of foot foul. A team is only allowed three consecutive touches to the ball, a fourth one by the same team is considered a foul too.


Though the players generally use their hands or arms to hit the ball but it is legally allowed to use any other part of the body to do the job.

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