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All throughout the years, eSports has done nothing but increase in popularity, players and tournaments worldwide. Technically speaking, eSports or electronic sports are a type of tournament or competition that’s facilitated by various electronic systems, specifically video games. Human-computer interfaces are the mediators of the players, teams and even the output of the eSports system. Some of the most common kinds of genres associated with eSports are real-time strategy, multiple online battle arena and first-person shooter. In case you’re already a fan or even a player, then upcoming eSports news are definitely something that you keep track of.  eslone-newyork


You might be shocked that even ESPN covers eSports, but eSports are just that famous all around the world. ESPN or Entertainment and Sports Programming Network, as of now they offer numerous networks, channels and even a magazine. Regarding any upcoming eSports news, breaking news, current events, live scores and the like you can visit the ESPN website dedicated to eSports. There’s a page on ESPN’s website called the eSports calendar, here you’ll be able to see their main events calendar for the current year. The calendar should include the date, game and event and keep in mind that all times are in EST. As of now, there are even features events scheduled for next year. Aside from the news articles featured on the website, you should be able to see video coverage of numerous events as well as commentary.arena-panorama

One of the current hottest news is the continued winning streak of the Misfits at DReamHack Winter. Last weekend, they bagged the top prize of DreamHack Winter 2016, this is their initial major win ever since winning the ELEAGUE or FACEIT Overwatch Open. DreamHack’s group stage went about as expected. Fnatic, MisfitsGG, Ninjas in Pyjamas and complexity dominated the matches. Misfits went right into battle with remade lineups, their regular expect named Nicholas ‘skipjack’ Rosada came back to the team ever since the Overwatch Open; he missed the tournament due to a family emergency. Mikaël ‘Hidan’ Da Silva has been promoted to a full-time spot from his trial spot; he was promoted because of his trusty support performance the September before. The biggest change in their lineup was brought by the departure of Jonathan ‘Kryw’ Nobre, he was replaced by Sebastian ‘Zeobbosai’ Olson. Another fresh member is Anton ‘COOLLER’ Singov which signed up as the team’s support only recently.

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