Have You Tried Happy Wheels Yet?

happy wheels

Although there are a million games available in the market that you can download and play, there are a few that will leave a lasting impression. Happy Wheels is one such game that is very different and manages to get people hooked on to playing this rather unusual and fun game for a very long time. The game is available to download for free on various platforms including iOS, Windows and Android. Happy Wheels is one of the very few games that became popular mainly because of its highly violent and graphic content. While some people considered it too violent, others enjoyed playing the game.happy wheelsHappy Wheels is unlike any other game that you will find on the app store. It is a physics based game that contains high graphic content. While it is a racing game, people enjoy the racers crash more than they enjoy the actual race mainly because of the graphics created. Although created for fun, the content is violent and not recommended for younger children. While some people take it the wrong way, it is always better to consider Happy Wheels as one of those games that teaches you the importance of road safety and how you should be careful while driving.happy wheelsHappy Wheels is one of the most realistic games developed by talented game developer Jim Bonacci and his friend Alec Cove. Jim was tired of games not being realistic enough. In most racing games when the car crashes the car driver gets up and walks away. That was something that did not feel right according to Jim. That is when he decided to develop a game that showed people the evils of car crashes and road accidents along with a bit of humor. Happy Wheels has various levels where different accidents happen in different places and it shows the consequences of each of the accidents. For example the game started with a man on a wheelchair rolling off a hill. He would get hurt in several ways and would eventually lose his life. Jim tried to make this accident as realistic as possible and showed people what it actually feels like to be in an accident. Happy Wheels is known to be one of the most graphic games and a lot of people prefer playing this game because of the actual picture that it paints rather than sugar coating things.

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