The Health Benefits Of Carrageenan


Carrageenan is a thickening fiber which is water soluble and is used in a number of food items. This fiber is extracted from seaweed which is popularly found in Asian countries.  Contrary to the recent rumors that have been around, there are no Carrageenan side effects which can be harmful to the body when consumed. If you’ve been wondering why Carrageenan has been labeled as unsafe, here are a few things that you need to know about this fiber. 22132

It is highly beneficial when consumed on a regular basis and is also known to lower cholesterol levels in the body. This helps to lower the risk of heart related illnesses. While Carrageenan has been accused of digestive problems, it actually helps to relieve all digestive issues and enhance bowel movement. This is a natural product which is extracted from seaweed that is safe for consumption. Even the FDA has confirmed that Carrageenan is safe and can be added in food items.beet-juice-side-effects

The US FDA has approved the use of Carrageenan in daily foods. There have been no reports and no proof of any side effects of Carrageenan on anyone. Carrageenan is also said to be safe during pregnancy as well as breast feeding. Carrageenan can also be used in the diets for infants making it one of the safest food products to use. Carrageenan is said to make bland food tasty and appetizing to eat. For example something as ordinary as low fat yoghurt looks and tastes amazing when Carrageenan is added to it. Carrageenan removes the harmful ingredients from food such as fat and enhances the taste of anything that is added to it making it one of the best products to have in your home at all times. With the use of Carrageenan you will no longer have any guilt of eating chocolate as Carrageenan takes away all the calories from it.

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