The Era Of Sharks


There’s no point feeling stressed after a long, hard day at work. It’s time to rule the aquatic kingdom by being the biggest and meanest shark out there. Yes, you read that right! Ubisoft has come up with the amazing sequel to the game Hungry Shark Evolution, the Hungry Shark World, and it has already become immensely popular among mobile gamers. The 3D graphics of the game has just taken it to another level altogether.


You have to collect sharks; there are 20 different species coming in as many as 7 sizes to choose from. After you choose a shark of your choice, you have to rise towards the top of the food chain. The bigger you become, the hungrier you get. There are three areas where you can roam around. There is the tourist hotspot – Pacific Island. Then, there is the Arctic Ocean, where there are testing facilities and secret bases of the military. And then, there is the Arabian Sea – a vibrant and rich industrial area.

You will be faced with missions, which you will have to complete and emerge as a winner. You have the choice of decorating the shark with cool headphones, laser beams and an umbrella. No point in being less stylish, eh? You may also unlock pets to use as helpers in your search for prey.


New features are being added to the game with each update. So, to be on top of the game you have to stay updated with the latest version. There are in-app purchases in this game too, like most other games. You need to collect gems and golds to progress further in the game. Exciting, right? So what are you waiting for? Download the Hungry Shark World apk today and install it.

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