Tallinn Tours: Giving You the Best Vacation Ever


Having tallinna matkat is definitely one best thing that you can do if you think of having a vacation escapade in the European countries. Just in case you do not know, Tallinn is nestling in the very beautiful and progressive country of Estonia. It is actually the capital city of Estonia and it is the biggest city that can ever be found in the country. With its wide area, there are definitely a lot of very exciting things that you can do here. The city is also jump-packed with beautiful tourist attractions. Some of these breathtaking attractions are the following:

Lake Harku

In case you are already tired of seeing beautiful landscapes, then why not try to see breathtaking waterscapes like the Lake Harku? This lake is very huge, having a maximum width or 3,810 feet and a maximum length of 6,600 feet. It is exactly nestling on the western border of the city, and there is no way you will have a hard time going to this place.

Toompea Castle

If you want to witness the breathtaking beauty of a castle for real, then visiting the Toompea Castle will definitely make you enjoy. Yes, this is a castle that is nestling in the central part of Tallinn City, particularly in the Toompea hill. This is exactly where the Parliament of Estonia resides. Meaning to say, this is a very important structure that can be found within the country.

Tallinn TV Tower

The Tallinn TV Tower is somehow a very historic architecture that can be found in the city of Tallinn. Its construction can be dated back in the year 1975, and its completion date was in the year 1980. The main purpose of building this particular tower is to provide great telecommunication services on the Moscow Summer Olympics regatta event happened in the year 1980.

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

Another very historic architecture that you can see in the city of Tallinn is the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. What you will love about this structure is the Byzantine Revival architecture it bears, making it to be a very important part not only for the history of Estonia, but also for the history of the world. It was opened way back in the year 1912, and its brilliant architecture was none other than Alexander Pomerantsev.

These are just few of the breathtaking tourist attractions that you can be able to witness when you consider having Tallinn tours.

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