Why Smokers Are Changing To Vaping


Cigarrete smoking has been for long been linked to diseases such as cancer, tuberculosis including causing amputation. But as the years pass by,many addicts have still struggled to quit smoking. One thing that has raised cigarrete smoker’s hopes of alleviating addiction is vaping. Vaping is the act of inhaling a kind of water vapor that is mixed with nicotine, propylene glycol and flavouring to a similar effect to smoking. Vaping is now an industry driven product because of its supposed benefits.nyvapeshop

Vaping Benefits When Compared To Cigarretes

Perception of Reducing Addiction

To some, it may be less captivating than smoking, but a number of smokers are sticking with vaping because of the inconclusiveevidence that points to vaping as controllable and a low health risk activity.

Vaping Possesses Less Risk to Non Cigarrete Smokers

In early 2013, Reuters did a study that revealed that despite being exposed to nicotine of e-cigarrete; most non cigarrete users are safe from tobacco and other toxicants notoriously found in cigarretes.

Vaping Reduces Fires

There are a lot of fatality cases caused by cigarrete smokers accidentally dropping their cigarretes on combustible materials. E cigarretes for vaping tends to be less combustible as most of the material used cannot cause fire when unattended to.

Shift in Smoking Preferences

With over 3 million people switching from using cigarettes to the use of e-cigarretes in the United Kingdom, it is clear that times and habits are changing.nyvapeshop

Odour and Residue

Unlike cigarretes that produce odour and residue, vaping does not. Those who are good at vaping tend to take smaller and less quick puffs thus exhaling less vapor. With such an attribute, it becomes easier to understand why vaporing is making its way into bars, offices and family bases.


To get a vape shop online is easy, but to stop vaping is optional.

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