Picking The Best Phi Phi Islands Tour


Phi Phi group of islands is just 45 up to 50 minutes away from Phuket, Thailand if you are riding on a speedboat. It consists of 2 small islands namely Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Leh. The former is the urbanized island wherein resort hotels, sea ports and night spots can be found in there while the latter is completely uninhabited and is home to a lot of beautiful beaches and nature attractions. Phi Phi Leh gained so much attention all around the world after the Hollywood film “The Beach” which starred Leonardo Dicaprio used the island as its film location.


Phi Phi Islands is open to tourists all year long and Thailand considers it as one of their country’s top tourist attraction. If you are planning to have a trip to Phi Phi then it would be not difficult to book a trip for you and your family because there are a lot of travel agencies who organize package trips to the island which makes it convenient for tourists. Here are a few packages available commonly offered by Phi Phi Islands travel agencies that you can choose from for the best Phi Phi Island tour.

Reach the islands via speedboat

As mentioned above, it will only take roughly 45 minutes in order to get to Phi Phi Islands via speedboat. This is the fastest mode of transportation that you can take advantage of in order to get there. A speedboat is only limited to carry 6-10 people including the driver at a time which means most of its booking is intended for exclusivity unless there are other people who are willing to share with the fee in order to ride along. The same speedboat that you have hired can be also used to travel in areas around Phi Phi Islands such as Hin Klang, Koh Mai Pai and Koh Phi Phi Don.


Reach the islands via express boat

If you cannot afford to rent a speedboat then you can opt for the express boat which travels in and out of Phi Phi at certain schedules. There are 2 to 3 trips available in a day and the number can even rise during weekends wherein there are more tourists looking forward to visit the group of islands. However, you must keep in mind that the schedule of trips could change without prior notice depending on the season and weather conditions.

There are different itineraries that you can go with when it comes to trips to the Phi Phi Islands. If you have enough time and budget then you can check out all the attractions that these islands can offer but if you have limited time and budget then might as well pick out the most popular spots or the attractions that you would like to visit in order to still come up with the best Phi Phi Islands tour despite having limited time and budget. Visiting these islands is surely worth your time.

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