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cheap e juice

Cheap E Juice – Best Way to turn Off the Tobacco Cigarette

E juice, is now not a new thing for the people. E juice is also known as smoke juice and e liquid. E juice is used a nicotine base liquid in e cigarettes or in a vaporizers. The different thing between normal cigarette and this Cheap E Juice cigarette is that the amount of nicotine is selected by the human. For heavy smokers the amount of nicotine is 24 mg and for the light smokers, the amount of nicotine is 12 or 18 mg. the e juiced is also available with 0mg nicotine with pure flavor and pure vapor.cheap e juice

E juice is available in different range of nicotine:

  • Nicotine free i.e. 0mg nicotine
  • Low amount of nicotine i.e. 4 mg to 8 mg nicotine per mm
  • Medium amount of nicotine i.e. 10 mg to 14 mg nicotine per mm
  • High amount of nicotine i.e. 16 mg to 18 mg nicotine per mm
  • Extra amount of nicotine i.e. 24 mg to 54 mg nicotine per mm

Main ingredients used in E juice:

  • Propylene Glycol: PG is holding the flavors and reduces the nicotine up to desired level. This substance is found in food flavoring, medicines, soft drinks etc.
  • Vegetable Glycerin: VG produced the vapor when you breathe out. This substance is found in skin care products, cosmetics etc.
  • Nicotine: the nicotine is also pure and comes straight from the tobacco fields.
  • Flavors: for those who don’t like the smell of cigarette, for them we have amazing flavors like peaches, coffees, strawberries, apple, melon and many more fruit flavors.cheap e juice

But e juice is best and satisfied when a person has the right flavor with right amount of nicotine. There are so many brands that provide e juice in markets, but from these all are not good. We are the best brand and vendor who gives you the highest quality Cheap E Juice.

The main benefit of this cheap e juice is, with different amount of nicotine a person can try to reduce the amount of nicotine and at last he go for 0 mg nicotine. it means a person do not crave for the nicotine but just a best flavor with best vapor. Just need a concentration of a person to reduce the level. For the smokers who need extra high or high nicotine, for them we have a special menthol Cheap e Juice.

We are the best and trusted brand for the Cheap E Juice with highest quality.

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