A List Of Neopet Dailies


When you’ve been playing Neopets for quite some time, we’re sure that you already know where the best Neopet Dailies are. But since there are tons of Neopet Dailies available, there’s a chance that you have missed out on a few of them. There’s no harm in wanting to find additional places to earn free Neopoints, food and items. We highly suggest that you try and visit some of the Neopet Dailies below.

Neopet Dailies You Can Visit

Virtual pets owners like yourself love to dress up, accessorize and basically upgrade their virtual pets especially with items that they can earn with effort. That’s why users love Neopets Dailies, try visiting places like:


  • Weltrude’s Toy Chest (free items) – as the name states, this Neopet Daily is hosted by Weltrude. In order to receive your prize, you only have to press the ‘Look in the Toy Chest’ option and you’re basically done. Users are only allowed one prize a day, there will be times when the Pant Devil steals your prize before you can even see it; whenever this happens you still receive no prize and have to wait another day for a new one.
  • Giant Omelette (free food) – well it’s a Giant Omelette in Tyrannia, which is pretty hard to miss. Those who visit receive a free slice of omelette a day, it also announces when the omelettes have run out; when this happens an egg appears in place of a giant omelette. In case you didn’t get the chance to grab a slice, come back the next day; omelettes are available in varying slices and toppings.
  • Coltzan’s Shrine (chance-based price) – a large obelisk which you can find at the Lost Desert, it’s a memorial dedicated to the former ruler of Sakhmet, King Coltzan III. Those who visit the shrine and pay their respects may even be greeted by King Coltzan’s ghost that signifies hidden treasure nearby. There are no limits as to how many times you visit the shrine but the opportunity to win prizes only come every 12 hours or so.


  • Fruit Machine (chance-based price) – a free game that users can play once a day, the Fruit Machine is found at the Lost Desert. To start the game, just click the ‘Spin the Wheel’ button and hope that you win an amazing prize. A match in the first two fruits earns you a prize, when all three match then you get a better prize.

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