Why The Lion Dance Is So Popular


The Chinese Lion Dance never fails to captivate the people from different countries. This is due to a lot of reasons that had helped in making it survive the hundreds of years it has existed. The Lion Dance is also not just confined and practiced by the Chinese people, but this is also embraced by different cultures and traditions throughout Asia.

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Here are some of the reasons why the Lion Dance is so popular:


Spread of Chinese Culture

The spread of the Chinese culture is one of the strongest reasons why the Lion Dance became so popular. It was the Chinese who came up with the idea of the Lion Dance. During the height of the Chinese empire, its people began to cross the seas to engage in commerce and trade with the other indigenous Asian people and tribesmen. It is because of their trade that they brought with them their culture and tradition, and along with it, the Lion Dance.

Advocates Peace and Strength

What makes the Lion Dance a true masterpiece is that it is not only made for pure fun and entertainment, but it also speaks of a deeper meaning. The Lion Dance, unknown to most people, is a way of showing the balance between strength and peace, as what the lion shows. In the dance, the lion which is a very strong creature can be seen graciously dancing.

It shows that despite it being a ferocious and strong beast, it can still be tamed and can even show its graceful and peaceful side as long as he or she knows how to control and manage it effectively. With this, one can clearly see that the Lion Dance is a true work of art that teaches us how to make the most out of our lives.

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