Leap Of Faith – Winning at Lottery With The Same Attitude

When I read about the failures of people who rely on automatic Griffins generators I always get an adrenaline rush. And there’s always a lot of passionate talk about the dollar I would have spent on that useless machine, and how it was never possible to win anyway, and how anybody could have won.

It irritated me, watching all these skeptics suffer for their lack of a fundamentally sound strategy. It irritated me especially seeing those scratch tickets that people keep taking forever to win. It was painful to see somebody else suffer for my failure to benefit from the laws of randomness, which involve an infinite Many/ManyxBets sequence. But I got off from that anger, because it started to chafe and boil down to a strategy issue, and I had become somewhat reclusive from that point… Anyway, here comes part three in the stupendous tales of moneyics, where I tell you how to win the office pools, by exploiting the ideas presented in this series of articles, entitled, On the Road to Riches in the Fast Lane:

The Need for Lottery Software

“You’ve probably seen the ads… Ten instructions for picking six winning numbers in Result Sgp Lengkap. Some buy these tickets because they claim they can help you win the power ball. Some, no matter what they may think, believe they can help you win. And some might even be willing to invest a few dollars in what they Believe are the keys to winning.

You’ll never see these six winning numbers in any store. You’ve probably seen these six winning numbers in some flop set adverts. Actually the set of winning numbers are six unique numbers that when combined with the other five white balls can generate a combination of six sets of 6 winning lottery numbers.

There are several ways to combine these six numbers, but the preferred method is to have six of them in a “short” row, and then two more of the unique long balls in another “long” row. The unique balls have the greatest chance of being the winner. This is the reason why lottery systems recommend using a lottery wheel system to combine the six winning numbers. But since a lottery wheel only holds 5 numbers, you have to divide your chances of winning into two hands of two numbers, thus equivalent to 7:5 or 3:2 or 9:1. When you play a six-winning-numbers game, the rule of thumb is to pick the “long” row.

If you don’t like the jargon of lottery playing, just remember that the critical considerations are to reduce the length of the odds against you, maximize your chances of winning and have a fun time.

A Handicapping Strategy That Works

I know that you are eager and ready to learn how to win, but before you do, you need to learn what works for you. After weeks of research and experimentation, I found a simple method that dramatically affects your chances of winning the Powerball. Here’s the how-to:

  1. Don’t play five pairs and don’t play three of a kind.
  2. Don’t play two similar numbers. Instead, pick three distinct numbers, such as 3-5-7-9. The rule is to pick three numbers that are different from each other by just 5 numbers or less. That ensures that if one of them wins, you will be paid more for it.
  3. Don’t play triplets. The rule of thumb here is that the higher the number, the less likely it is that the triplets will win. So avoid playing for example 4-8-10-12 or 5-10-15-round. Also avoid the meltdown of consecutive number choices. That means once you’ve done your first five drawings, pick a different set of numbers for each one.
  4. Don’t play quick picks. When you let a computer choose your numbers, it eliminates the lumping of number possibilities. Random number generation has no memory, so it can’t generate a number that was already drawn. It also doesn’t distinguish between very low and very high numbers, which could all win. When you play the same number combination for a drawing many times, the machine simply bloats the total, to a point you might not be able to recover.
  5. Watch out for schemes. Some lottery retailers will offer you the identical covering on all bets for a particular drawing. They may be allowed to do this because the law allows them to do it, but this can blind you in to picking the same number or not diversifying your bets as far asishers go. Remember that these are your investments. Go wisely.
  6. The grand prize of 3.5% of your total wager is always given to the person who has invested the most money in the game.

Good luck and happy winnings!