Inside Details About League Of Legends Accounts


League of Legends is a competitive multiplayer online battle arena(MOBA). It is developed by Riot Games and was first launched in 2009. It is available for Windows and Mac. The best thing about League of Legends is that it is completely free to play, meaning you wouldn’t have to purchase anything to be able to play the game properly from start to end. The only purchase options are for customizing the skins of champions, which doesn’t alters the gameplay at all but just the looks.

League of Legends can be played in either a team of three players or a team of five players, with the same number of players on the opposite side. It is played by millions of users per month. These two teams compete against each other on a map known as the Summoner’s Rift. The aim of the teams is to destroy the enemy base called Nexus. Players get to choose a champion, which is unique for every player in the match. We are going to list the in-game currencies in League of Legends below.

  • Riot Points


Riot Points, also known as RP can only be purchased through real money using credit/debit card and Paypal. Riot Points are used to buy champions, rune pages, boosts and skins for champions. Boosts are used to increase the speed with which Influence Points(IP) can be gained. Riot Points can’t be used to buy Runes, they can only be bought using IP.

  • Influence Points

Influence Points or IP are gained by playing the game. It is the major in-game currency in  League of Legends. There are several factors that are taken into account while giving


IP to a player. First being whether the game was won or lost, the level of the players account and Match Making  Rating (MMR). MMR system is not made public by the game developers and there’s no public data available for it.

There are four different game modes in League of Legends. Normal, Custom, Co-op Vs. AI and Ranked. A LOL account is divided into many different levels. Diamond, Gold, Silver, Bronze, Master and Challenger are some of them. Challenger is the highest level and the toughest to reach. The players with that level of account are the most competitive and skillful. Except for master and challenger accounts, the rest accounts are divided into five further divisions I, II, III, IV and V.


LOL accounts have a unique summoner name, which they get while registering the account. A normal game lasts between twenty to fifty minutes. But some games can last upto an hour. The developers prevent the game from stalling by releasing a new champion every few weeks. Each champion has its own unique features and is different from others. Champions can be bought using Riot Points and Influence Points. Champions are completely customizable using these points. League of Legends currently uses the League System for matching players with similar skill levels for a match. It uses the League Points (LP) and MMR for it.

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