Factors To Consider Before Choosing A Hamster Cage


Before you decide to pick a hamster cage on the market, it is important to consider several factors which will determine how useful the cage will be in use. Hamsters are small and popular which don’t require so much space in terms of housing, thus it’s good to consider buying cheap hamster cages. They are smaller than the cat and dog and they do need a home within your home. If you leave it loose in the house, it will either get lost or hurt which will not go well with you of course.  So if you have a hamster or are planning to buy one, it is important to consider the type of house to buy for it. The type of hamster will determine the kind of house you will purchase with the Syrian hamster being large and requiring more space while the Chinese and Dwarf ones requiring just small spaces due to their sizes.

The size of the hamster cage is a very important factor as it requires ample space to eat, sleep and play with the minimum being at 30 x 15 x 15. The Syrian hamster is supposed to have a minimum of 150 square meters in terms of floor space to enable it to play with a minimum height of 17.9 inches. For a dwarf hamster, space should be 120 square inches minimum, of floor space and a minimum height of 7 inches.  In case you decide to buy a wire cage, then make sure that the plastic bottom is deep enough where you will place a 1.5-inch layer of plain wood shavings throughout the cage.


The question of which cage is better between a wire and a plastic cage normally arises when one wants to purchase a hamster cage. How do you tackle such? Most wire hamster cages have a plastic bottom, which provides a great place for the hamster to play and climb; hamsters being playful and loving to climb all over. It is important to use layers in the cage so that, in the case of an accident while the hamster is climbing on the wires, it doesn’t fall too far. Avoid a cage with a wire bottom as it will automatically hurt the hamster’s feet.

The spaces between the wires should not be more than a half a centimeter to avoid accidents where the hamster puts its head through the wire and get stuck.  Plastic hamster cages are classified as cheap hamster cages and they are very popular in today’s world. They do provide protection that might come from other pets within the home.


Just make sure that the cage has small wire ventilation to let in fresh air and prevent the hamsters from respiratory disease attacks. Though they are long lasting, you will have to improvise a climbing frame to enable the hamsters to climb when they are playing in the cage.

Use the above guidance to enable you to choose the best cheap hamster cages in the market that have value for money.

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