Effective Ways To Pass The Hair Follicle Test


A hair follicle test has become one of the most popular tests these days. This test is considered to be more accurate in comparison to blood tests or a mouth swab test. It helps to detect traces of drugs, nicotine and alcohol in the body for a longer time in comparison to the other tests which is why they are more common these days. If you’ve got been asked to undergo this test and you’re wondering how to pass a hair drug test, here are some tips that can help you clear the test. The first thing you need to do is stop using the drug or consuming alcohol before the test. If you’ve got time, focus on detoxifying your system, if not, try some of these methods.


Mud Cleansers

One of the most effective ways to pass a hair drug test is to use a mud cleanser. There are various mud packs available for your hair which can prove to be very effective. These packs basically mask the effect of the drug in your body and help you to pass the test.


If you’re wondering how to pass a hair drug test, then try vinegar. Wash your hair with white vinegar and leave it on for about 29 minutes before you wash it off. Don’t use a shampoo when you try this the first time, rather repeat the process about 2 to 3 times a week before you use shampoo and conditioner.

Detox Shampoos

Remember these shampoos will only work once you have stopped using the drug. It helps to get rid of traces of the drug from your hair. However you will need to start using it a couple of weeks before the test for it to work.



One of the most effective methods of passing the test is to shave off your hair. Once you’ve stopped using the drugs and gone on a detox diet, your system will stay clean and this means that the new hair that grows will be clean. This method however is more suitable for guys. Women have various other options that they can opt in for.

There are also some amazing hair products that help to cleanse your hair from any drug residue and ensure you pass the test. However, you need to stay clean from drugs for as long as you can prior to the test in order to pass it.

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