Cocaine And Drug Testing

5 panel drug test

The 5 Panel Drug Test

This is one of the most commonly used methods of drug testing, and it makes use of urine, as certain drugs could be detected in it. The process is as easy as extracting urine from the client, and then subjecting it to the test which would only take 5 minutes to deliver results. The reason why it is called a 5 Panel Drug test is simply because there are 5 commonly abused illicit drugs that could be detected by the said apparatus.5 panel drug testOne of these five substances include COC, or cocaine. It is classified as illegal as it has been found to have several negative effects on over-all mental health, most especially cognition, and is therefore detrimental towards work productivity as it tends to cloud one’s way of thinking given that Cocaine users tend to have immediate euphoria, as well of a feeling of grandiose.

More on Cocaine

Cocaine, specifically Cocaine HCl is one of the most commonly consumed illicit drugs. It is consumed through snorting, or inhalation through the nose. Whenever consumed, people “draw” lines from the white powder, roll up paper, usually dollar bills, and then snort the substance through the nose.

The effects of Cocaine are almost instantaneous, given that it is absorbed immediately through the membranes of the nose, then to the bloodstream. In drug tests, Benzoylegonine, the primary metabolite of Cocaine has to be detected at 300 ng/ml in order for the test to read positive.5 panel drug testNegative side effects of Cocaine include Paranoia, Vertigo, Increased Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, Decreased libido, among others. There are several means through which this could be obtained, but it is important to note that it is an illegal drug and consumption of which could lead to legal charges which may depend on the state.

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