Carrageenan Is Safe To Consume: Find Out The Real Truth


Today many food manufacturers are using carrageenan to protect their organic foods such as soymilk, yogurt even ice cream also while making ice cream  in order to give thicker consistency. This ingredient is devoid of any nutritional value so the good thing about this food additive, that there wont be any change to the food. This item is directly derived from seaweed and the advantage of using this food ingredient, carrageenan helps in separating the ingredients from mixing and losing their nutritional as well as taste value. This ingredient is used in few frozen dinners, commercial broth products and soups for better consistency. There are two kinds of carrageenan, degraded and undegraded carrageenan. Undegraded carrageenan is used in food however few dread that carrageenan cancer may occur on consuming carrageenan everyday.

Carrageenan is a safe food additive


JECFA or Joint FAO*/WHO** Expert Committee on Food Additives has confirmed that food grade carrageenan is entirely safe to consume and no deadly disease develops due to Carrageenan. There is no limit on its use and anyone can consume this food additive, except for those having digestion issues or thriving on drugs. However there is dose limitation which should be followed suitably and all branded manufacturers are maintaining that. If you are wondering that overdose may kill one or generate cancer, well there is no such likelihood.

Media representation


Carrageenan is not bad to consume but media has damaged its image to a great extent, when one hypothetical news came out regarding the disadvantages of Carrageenan consumption number of entities took cue from it and start spreading without analysing anything on their own. However at the same time few sites are there, geared up in revealing the real truth about this additive. Based upon the researched report, Carrageenan does not encourage cancer, if it were that deadly brands wont have been using it.

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