Are The Online Poker Rooms Cheating You, Too?

I love playing poker, especially Texas Holdem. It’s a game of skill, luck, and with nearly fifteen million people playing online poker each day, anything is possible. In fact, I know some people who make a nice living playing poker online. So, how can they are beating the game so that they can beat the odds every time?

One of the biggest conspiracy theories going around the internet is that poker sites are cheating their players out of pots. From people who think that the software making these poker sites turn a determined number of hands to favor their hand, to people who claim that they have testimonials from professionals who use their money to study poker, these poker sites have caused a lot of uproar.

However, is it possible that the poker rooms are cheating their players? And if it is, what would that accomplish? It certainly wouldn’t accomplish anything to hurt the image of poker online, or to stop people from playing the game for a living. On the other hand, would it help people learn how to play poker? Maybe, but it’s unlikely that a poker site would cheat its players outright. If anything, people might figure out ways to trick the software and then realize that they’re being cheated.

If a poker site is cheating its players, then there are ways that the site could stop its players from getting into these types of scandals. One of the ways that poker sites could stop cheating its players is to make their software more transparent. Add a powerful suite of analytical tools to your poker software and you will be many hundreds of dollars closer to the final table.

The most powerful analytical tools available to poker players are poker trackers. These trackers allow you to see exactly what tables you are in, and what the disposition of every player at those tables are. With this information, you can game out your opponents against yourself, which will force you to make smarter moves and play exclusively better poker.

The second thing that afapoker sites could do to stop cheating its players is to add poker rakeback into the mix. Poker rakeback is essentially free money for your poker account and basically an ‘over round’ that you get to keep if you’re disciplined enough to play poker profitably. Before poker sites had this type of client, players had to get creative in order to get the money they needed for poker rakeback. Now, poker rakeback is the middle-hand in aHandle, so to speak.

The third way that poker sites could fight against poker bots and people who play poker online for a living is to implement a tougher policy against what is known as sequential poker betting. This type of betting pattern is one that is very hard to stop once a player puts it into practice. Because they are not really all that complicated, many poker rooms and sites are relaxing their policies against these types of betting patterns and allowing people to profit from them.

In the final analysis, whether or not you like to call poker bots your friends, or if you think that poker is all about playing your cards and your skill, the truth is that the poker sites are breathing more life into the game.