Are You Always Sleepy And Tired?

why am i always sleepy

There are a number of reasons why you should be feeling sleepy. Why lack of sleep could be one of them, if you have slept well and you’re still feeling sleepy all day then there should be a problem. If you sleep well regularly and you still wake up wondering why am i so sleepy, then you need to figure out what is actually wrong with you and why your body is reacting like this. There are a number of reasons that could cause you to feel sleepy all day and if you are not so sure why your body is behaving in this manner and here are a few things that could help you.why am i always sleepyIf you haven’t tested your blood in recent months, you should make sure you test your blood for all the major problems and diseases and check what could be wrong with your blood. A number of times people could suffer from diseases which makes them feel really weak and low at all times. Some medications can help you overcome this condition and lead a normal life. People could also have high blood pressure, blood sugar or diabetes and this to make you feel very lazy and sleepy all day. The sooner you figure out whether you have diabetes or not the better it is for you since you can manage to control this condition in no time. It is very essential for you to keep your diabetes under control because for people who do not control the diabetes it could make it a life threatening disease.why am i always sleepyDepression is also one of the main reasons why people feel sleepy all day. Depressed people do not feel the urge to go out and meet other people as their body only wants them to stay home and sleep.

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