Additional Game Modes For Color Switch Iz


There are extra features added to Color switch iz Android app as it releases new versions. One of them is game modes which have distinct characteristics to make your game experience more exciting. Thus, you have to stay updated with the latest announcements regarding this app game.

Once you download this amazing game, you will enjoy a lot of benefits. Meanwhile, it will be better if you get to know more about the new modes of this game. These are as follow:


  • Challenge mode – It is a level-based game added in the latest game update. It works like the endless mode. However, it comers to 1 or 2 designated obstacles that need to bounce the small ball through. In this game, you simply have to get into certain circles prior to reaching its finish line and winning the level.
  • Reverse Mode – It is the Color Switch mode that will take you down rather than going up. However, this works like challenge mode which is level-based. This time, you have to come up with a new kind of timing in order to get into the circles.
  • Race Mode – This game mode has a similarity with challenge mode except that you need to race against the ghost circle. After your first play through, it will be your ghost circle. In the first part, this will be the preloaded circle. If you failed to beat this ghost circle, then you will surely lose though you have crossed the line.


  • Cave Mode – This mode is totally the same as the challenge mode. However, they only differ from distinct level designs. This mode does not require you to be very fast to prevent losing as you hit the approaching obstacle.

Playing Color Switch Android app is fun and exciting. Check out to have better ideas on how this game works.

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