How Is The Friendship Between Man And Woman Created?

When someone says they are in a relationship with “no strings attached”, I can guarantee you that they are so wrapped up in invisible, emotional strings that they are unable to notice how tangled they actually are. The question of the day is, “Can a friends with benefits relationship work?” Well, it depends on who’s the friend and who’s the benefit. You may try Free Android Dating to find friends with benefits.

To understand the “Friends with Benefits” relationship, we must understand how a friendship between the opposite sexes is created. Excuse me while I get out my handy dandy notebook. Why do men and women meet, only to form a friendship instead of a romantic relationship?

  1. Neither participant is interested in dating the other because there is no attraction.
  2. Both participants are either in a committed relationship or are married.
  3. A participant is not attracted to the other party and would rather be “just friends”.
  4. A participant is interested and attracted to the other party but friendship is the only option.

When single men and women meet, within the first few minutes one or the other knows whether or not they would like to push for something more. If both are in agreement, dating and/or booty usually follow. If there is a lack of attraction between the two, usually some sort of friendship is formed. If one is interested and the other isn’t, then the one who is interested takes what they can get and settles for a friendship. I’ve always raised an eyebrow at a man and woman being “just friends”. While it is possible for there to be an equal friendship, most of the time one is interested in the other and the other wants to keep it somewhat platonic.