Streaming Devices To Invest On


Internet has completely changed the way in which we receive and spread information and it has also made entertainment into such a broad spectrum. We have moved from our television screens airing only a couple shows a day to accessing the internet on our TV in the last 30-40 years. Technology is moving very fast and you need to be updated to be aware about the latest trends in the store. Netflix is something that is a very common phrase and it is basically watching whatever you want from this online channel on your TV with the help of a streaming device that help you to connect your TV to the world wide web. Therefore we have made a list of the top streaming devices in the market so that you can enjoy your favorite entertainment anytime you want.


The Android TV is a completely Android based platform and is different from FireTV. It is a very powerful device which was the first to provide 4K Netflix streaming and you can always expect it to be updated. You can link your google account and you can surf the Store which doesn’t have too many options for the viewers yet like the Play Store. It is compatible to Google Cast, therefore you can also stream stuff from your other devices.


The Apple TV has recently gone through a lot of changes to compete with the other brands. You can link your apple account to this device and it recently started supporting Siri which is Apple’s very own voice assistant. It is equipped with a voice remote control option. It is one of the costlier options and doesn’t provide much on paper just like any other Apple device but the Apple integration is beautiful and if you want to use Air Play then you could definitely go for this one.