Experiencing Paradise in Tioman Island


Tioman Island is indeed one of the best places to go in Malaysia. The island is located in the east coast of the Malaysian peninsula. It is home to dense forests and naturally beautiful landscapes that every nature-lover would surely dream of going to. To get to this wonderful paradise, you need to buy ferry ticket Mersing to Tioman. BHD-Mersing-Ferry-Terminal-03-LD

Experience Great Natural Beauty in Tioman

In this tropical paradise, there are highways or even luxurious hotels. What Tioman Island boasts of is its many outdoor activities that goes perfectly with the natural beauty of its surroundings, affordable delicacies, and warm people. The island of Tioman is just a small island. It spans 39 kilometers in length and 12 kilometers in width.tioman_tour

It has a very small population with most of its villages found in the western coast. Tekek is the largest of all Tioman towns. What makes it more interesting is that it is the only place in the island that has an ATM. Meanwhile, Salang, Air Batang and Genting are three of the smallest but cleanest towns in the island.

Living the Fresh Life in Tioman

Its waters are a part of the Mersing Marine Park that serves as the home of the beautiful white coral reefs. It is with this that the most popular activities in Tioman are snorkeling and scuba diving. However, most people would prefer snorkeling in the town of Air Batang due to the many coral reefs that it has.

Surely, your stay in Tioman Island would be worth every penny that you spend. Book a trip now, and enjoy the wonder of nature here. Bring your family and friends with you, and experience what it feels like to live in a tropical paradise that is Tioman Island.

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